Case Study

RAB / RadioCentre


Date: 2009


Over the years The RAB website has sat at the heart of the Radio Advertising industry and in 2009 King Harmsworth was called on to give the website a full scale re-design and over-haul, its first since 2005.

We were briefed to:

  • ‘Freshen up’ the look and feel of the RAB website
  • Streamline content and add labels
  • Improve the visibility of Case Studies
  • Make general improvements to the Search Functions
  • Cleanse the 1000's pages of legacy content
  • Improve the experience for the end user
RAB site after
RAB case study database
RAB general content page
RAB wireframe homepage
RAB site before
RAB site from before to after our re-design

What we did

  • Wireframes
  • Design & user experience
  • HTML and CSS Front-end build
  • project management

How we did

Project Feedback
Questions 5
4 3 2 1
Overall how happy are you with the finished product? 5
How happy were you with the amount of time it took us to complete the project? 5
How flexible do you feel we were during the project? 5
The additional recommendations or advice we gave during the project, were they useful? 5
How much do you think the project has fulfilled its business objectives? 5

Who we worked with

  • Backend work was done by our favourite web developer Daryl from DG Dev.
  • Additional Javascript wizardry was provided by Sam at Stereographic.
  • Commisioned by Simon Cryer at Crying Out Loud Productions.

Other services

We are proud to have worked with the RAB / RadioCentre for several years now and we have also provided them with:

  • Maintenance
  • Email Templates
  • Corporate animations
  • Print work
animation still
Presentation introduction animation for the RAB
newsletter design
RAB newsletter design
conference stand banner
Rollbanner exhibition stand for RAB radio Day at Mediacom