The Elephants’ Graveyard

where ideas go to die

Sometimes there are ideas that never make it. This is for a verity of reasons; cancelled projects, the pitch that never gets the green light, a site that finally gets taken down, an offline project with an expiry date, or god forbid that idea that just didn’t quite fit the brief.

We still want to showcase these in our archive as they still deserve to be seen.

Alan Dick Middle East

Homepage design for Alan Dick ME
Greyscale website re-design for Alan Dick ME and nav detail

Alison Cork Blog

Final mast head illustration
general page header
Rough illustration of Alison Cork
Rough illustration
mood-board mockup
Alison Cork illustration and mast header from mood-boards to final header design

Attwells LLP

Final re-design for Attwells page template
2010 Re-design for Attwells llp including Flash AS3 slideshow
original website
Original website

Digital Radio UK

re-design for Digital Radio UK
Light touch re-design for their corporate site

Financial Focus Australia

Final re-design for Attwells page template
original website
2011 Design for Financial Focus Australia

Graham Allen Photography

Flash AS3 XML Gallery
Photography site built in Flash AS3 & xml